Welcome to the Orthopaedic practice

at the HELIOS Aukamm-Klinik Wiesbaden

The Aukamm-Klinik has become Center of Excellence

The orthopaedic department of the Aukamm-Klinik has been declared "Official ESSKA Teaching Center" and "Center of Excellence" by the ESSKA. Throughout Germany one eight orthopaedic centers have been granted this award so far.

Your direct contact

Orthopädische Gemeinschaftspraxis
at the HELIOS Aukamm-Klinik

Leibnizstraße 21
65191 Wiesbaden

Telephone number +49 611 572120
Telefax number +49 611 1899703

Appointments also possible via Email:


In case of emergency, please call:

+49 611 572-0 Clinic receptionist
+49 611 572-107 (after 7:00 pm)

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